1. Wide application

Now more than 30 kinds of specifications of totally enclosed freon-resisting and freon-free asynchronous motors (R600a, R134a) for compressors are available.  They are suitable for refrigerating compressors of drinker, refrigerator, air-conditioner, etc.

2.  High-efficiency, power-saving and good reliability

Because of having adopted CAD and optimum design, the motor can operate effectively at the working point and save much energy for you.  Besides, the load characteristics should be fully considered in motor design.  The starting torque and the overload torque are supplied enough so that the relay may match the motor characteristics well.  As a result of fact, the compressor can be started reliably at 165V-250V.

3.  Advanced technology and excellent equipment

This series motor are manufactured on the ISO9000 standard quality control system.  High-speed precision puncher made in Germany, fully-automatic coil winder, automatic insert slot liner machine, automatic tie-wire machines and automatic forming machines are used to manufacture the motors.  Besides, the microcomputerization terminal check devices has been adopted, the microcomputer control punching annealing center and the complete performance test house has been also established.  Therefore, the product quality has been ensured effectively.

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